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Bespoke Wall Art for Small Businesses

Hiya, fellow small business owner,
Jess from Oh So Specials stands in front of a purple painted wall mural. She has an excited expression and a paintbrush in hand

Need some wall art inspo? Let’s get started…

A close up of Jess' hand holding a paintbrush and painting a purple static mural on a brick wall

Static Wall Murals

Ready to give your walls a splash of colour, personality, and meaning? It’s time to create a marvellous wall mural, inside or out, that will brighten your space and the moods of everyone around you. With prices starting from £85 per sqm, let’s communicate your message and bring your vision to life. 

An example of Jess' freestanding mural work. A large wooden board on a stand with wheels showing the word "Oh" in a joyful handlettering style with green, purple, yellow and pink abstract shapes behind it.

Free-standing Murals & Moveable Backdrops

What about a mural you can move? Hear me out… maybe you’ve got (or can acquire) walls on wheels you can take to events and workshops, or create a ‘pop-up shop’? The opportunities are endless and the best part? Your custom mural can come with you wherever you go. 

An example of Jess' digital mural artwork showing the word "Oh" in a joyful handlettering style with green, purple, yellow and pink abstract shapes behind it

Digital Murals & Artworks

Looking for something a little different? A stand-alone piece where digital art is printed onto vinyl and installed by a third party, or how about unique projects like posters, signs, postcards, maps and stickers? Let me create some magic in my home studio and bring your ideas to life!

How does working with a local artist work?

Small business wall art love...

Frequently asked questions

How long does a mural take to paint?

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, most murals typically take between two days and a week to install, once the design stage is complete.

Again, this depends on the size and complexity of the artwork. Wall mural prices start from £85 per sqm but I’d be able to give you a detailed quote after a site visit.

Subject to travel costs and scheduling, I may occasionally travel outside of the North West. Another option could be to have a digital mural which would be created by me and then installed into your space in vinyl by a third party – they look ace! More examples here.

The short answer is, it depends what it is. The longer answer is, if it looks and feels like a mural, then most likely yes. I don’t however do festive or national holiday themed designs anymore. There are plenty of fab window artists out there already. Your best bet? Reach out to me and I’ll see if I can help!

Absolutely! I don’t do traditional wedding signs (again, there’s lots of great artists creating gorgeous signs) – but big, beautiful statement pieces and extra special backdrops, I do, I do, I do! 

Heck yes! I can create free-standing murals on moveable backdrops so you can plug and play wherever you are. 

Absolutely! Let’s chat! I want to help you where I can add unique value. I there’s something in my portfolio that strikes a chord, I’d love to hear from you.